Galerie Acanthus Gallery

Suzan Carsley

Suzan Carsley has been fascinated by watercolour for many years. It is a medium that stimulates her love of exploring different techniques while always staying true to herself.
She revels in using bold color saturation and strong forms in expressing landscapes and architecture.

She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts (Environmental/Interior Design) at the Pratt Institute, New York in 1972.

Although having painted and drawn since childhood, she credits seeing a watercolor exhibition by Ming Ma in 1992 as being the catalyst that launched her fascination in watercolor. She was drawn to the vibrancy of his work and studied with him for several years.
Her fervor for watercolour now manifests itself in the many beautiful landscapes in New Brunswick.

Suzan is proud to exhibit her works at the Acanthus Gallery in Grand Falls.

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