Galerie Acanthus Gallery

Monick Desjardins

After twenty-five years in rhythmic gymnastics as a choreographer, Monick decided to change her vocation and became a painter. She started out by photographing flowers but soon transferred that passion to painting them on canvas.

Monick tries to capture light, shadows and movement in the petals. Painting is something that progresses along with the individual’s personal development. to improve her technique, she took classes with well-known painters who specialize in floral. She meets with Ljubomir Ivankovic twice a year for studies in technique with the grand masters. She looks forward to continuing these studies indefinitely and evolving her art on an ongoing basis.

Monick is a member of the Artistes des Hauts Plateaux (Appalachians) and the painters group Alizarin of Quebec.

Monick’s paintings are available at the Galerie Da-li in Grand Falls N.-B., the Galerie Meraki of Paquetville and the Galerie Acanthus of Grand Falls N.B.

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