Galerie Acanthus Gallery

George Findlay

I grew up in Bristol, NB. I returned ‘home’ after university and along with my wonderful wife, Heather, started a dental practice in Bath, NB in 1997. Together we raised three healthy/ happy children. I’m now a Grandpa to two little ones.

I’ve enjoyed woodworking all my life. To date I’ve made a plane, two canoes, several pieces of furniture, and lots of smaller things like birdhouses. I started to make/sell various types of wooden food boards three years ago at the suggestion of my children. Making boards is a good pastime for the winter months. As is, I now make more than 100 boards a year. The boards I offer include, end grain cutting boards; bread boards; cheese boards; serving boards; serving trays; and trivets.

Lately I’ve been getting several requests for custom boards which is always welcomed. I take pride in my work. Additionally, I take comfort in knowing that everything used to make a board is 100% natural and food safe.

Earlier this year I was honoured to be allowed to sell my boards at the Acanthus Gallery.

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