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Dyane Nowlan

Dyane NowlanDyane grew up in an environment where art was non existent. Nevertheless she was always passionate about drawing and sought to perfect her skills at university with students half her age. She would discover a talent that deserved exploring and embarked on a quest to fulfill and perfect it.
Oil painting is her preferred medium.
Her subjects reside decidedly in the fruit and vegetable aisle of the local grocery store. Her approach is to render these as faithfully as possible while giving them a personality within the still life she carefully creates. She is fascinated by light, shadow and color. Her compositions exude harmony and balance which complement the various poses she constructs of her subjects.

Her works have found a happy home in numerous businesses and private collections in eastern Canada.

She is proud to exhibit her latest works at the Galerie Acanthus Gallery in Grand Falls.

Sample works:

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