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Claude Nazair

Claude Nazair found a particular interest in traditional blacksmithing techniques in 2004 after reading a book about the old craft. Still far from suspecting that he would make it a career, he lit his first fire in 2005, which has not died out since. Primarily working steel and copper with the anvil and hammer, Claude draws inspiration from the natural and perfect curves of nature, preferring that to the machines of the trade.

Now passionate about the trade of blacksmithing since he discovered it, he is passionate about the spark that lights a new idea to the spark that lights the forge. He is fascinated with the way hot steel moves and “obeys” hammering and then solidifies with a whole new shape. Often, the primary idea changes along the way while the work is being done. “It’s the beauty of working with a free spirit!” Claude always says.

Originally from New Brunswick, Claude Nazair now lives in Repentigny with his wife and daughter.


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